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pre - arrival Tips

Sign our waiver online

Adult Supervision

Adult Supervision Required at all times, No Day Care Available

No food or drinks allowed in the Play Area


Let’s see if we can answer them.

I’m an adult who isn’t going to be playing with my child. Do I still have to remove my shoes?

Yes. Socks are mandatory for children and adults for sanitary purposes. Being that some children crawl on the floor we try and maintain it as clean as possible.

I’m bringing in my child for their birthday and don’t want to book the package. Can I still bring a Cake?

Yes, you are welcome to bring in outside food and drinks.  Charges and rates will vary. Please inquire on rates.

I’m invited to a birthday party. Is there anything I should do to prior arriving?

Yes. Please sign our waiver online prior to coming in (no child can enter the facility without a waiver signed by their parents or guardian) and bring socks for all in your party, you’re ready!

Can I leave and return on the same day? Is there an additional fee?

You and your child are welcome to enjoy the 2 hour minimum, however, there are no re-entries at this time.

Do you sell any snacks/drink ?

Yes we sell many different snacks and drinks for kids and adults. 


  • Street meter parking located on Ventura blvd. 
  • Paid Public Parking available off of Cedros Ave  
  • Please Use Front Entrance only

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